Best Butt Plugs – Complete Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

| By Linda

Are you thinking about experiencing sheer ecstasy tonight? If yes, then there won’t be better than using a butt plug for highly amazing anal play. It is inserted in the anus that takes pleasure beyond expectation. They come with a tapered head making sure users can easily put it in their ass. It is one of the most amazing sex toys available in the market that provide highly intense stimulation.

Nowadays, both men as well as women are using this toy for having filling sensation or even anal training. Finding the perfect option isn’t an easier task when there are lots of options available in the market. In this post, we will tell about the top 15 best butt plugs to shop in 2019. Each model is added after extensive research system, so you don’t worry about authenticity in any manner.

B Vibe Trio Plug (Editor’s Choice)

B Vibe Trio Plug (Editor’s Choice) Check Price

Equipped with rotating beads, this trio plug is the perfect choice to make if you are looking for extreme level sensation. It hasn’t disappointed anyone with the performance and makes them fall in love with this toy. The biggest highlight in this unit is its mechanical motion that gives an organic feel in the ass.

It is available in two different colors, i.e. purple and blue. Nine different patterns & eight different speeds are allowing the users to change intensity & vibration as per needs. It can give a playtime up to 60 minutes on a single charge that is more than enough for a single session. The company has used high-quality & silky smooth silicone that makes sure your skin doesn’t get harmed. Also, it can work through a wireless remote allowing the couple to play with each other.


  • Create very minimal noise during operation.
  • Impressive battery time.
  • Manufactured with latex-free & silky material
  • Wireless remote operation for couple fun.


  • Charging system takes time to complete.
  • Little bit costly to shop.

YiFeng Opening Lotus Anal Plug (Runners Up)

YiFeng Opening Lotus Anal Plug (Runners Up) Check Price

If you are somehow not impressed with the unit in the first position, then check out this anal plug that is a perfect option for highly advanced users. It is made using top-grade medical grade stainless steel material that is fully resistant to rust & corrosion. The speciality of this unit is its anal expander that works by rotating the key, allowing you to choose anal strength according to needs.

It is very easy to use as all the users need to do is adding some lube on the plug & inserting it into the anus. The opening size can be adjusted if there is a need for a little bit extra intense feelings. For girls who are very serious about color selection, it is available in many different colors like silver, blue, pink, red, royal blue, and brown. Furthermore, the waterproof protection of this unit ensures you can use this unit even during a bath.


  • Extremely easy to clean after use.
  • Available in many different colors.
  • Capable of adjusting its size.
  • Made from rust & corrosion resistant material.


  • Heavier when compared with others.
  • Complicated construction.

Icicles No 26 (Best Glass Butt Plug)

Icicles No 26 (Best Glass Butt Plug) Check Price

This brilliantly designed butt plug accommodates the third position in our list made using glass. This product is specially made for those who love to experience a new form of sensation. Apart from being very gentle, this unit is an extremely effective method for someone new to the penetration world. It has a thinner neck that allows the plug to keep its position perfectly for extended periods.

The main motive of this amazing butt plug is to fulfill the kinky desires of the users. It directly hits the pleasure points like prostate & G-spot that ensure you get indulged in the ocean of heaven after its insertion. Along with providing high-sensation, the product is completely hygienic and hypoallergenic without any irritating chemicals.


  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Hit major pleasure points.
  • Adequate length & girth.
  • Made using safe materials.


  • Some people don’t like glass toys.

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Black (Best Under $40)

Pipedream Anal Fantasy Black (Best Under $40) Check Price

This mega Pipedream Anal Fantasy Gasper is a perfect way to achieve maximum pleasure to the ass without causing too much pain. It goes deep in the anus for causing the extreme sensation that anyone will love to have. The presence of a large narrow neck in this mega Insta-Gasper let the sphincter muscles to wrap across.

On the other hand, there is a wide base added by the manufacturer for ensuring that slippage doesn’t occur. You can use it all day without worry about any reaction as it made using hypoallergenic & solid quality material. For making insertion easier, the manufacturer has added flexible tips that squeeze together quite brilliantly according to need. 


  • Give an exceptionally smooth feeling.
  • Equipped with solid suction cup base.
  • Completely hygienic silicone body.
  • Affordable to buy.


  • Little bit complicated design.

Rbenxia Crystal Glass Anal Plug (Best for Beginners)

Rbenxia Crystal Glass Anal Plug (Best for Beginners) Check Price

If you are looking to use this sex toy for the first time, then we want to say that it is one of the best anal plugs to shop. It is available in many different shapes allowing users to explore a pretty amazing variety of stimulations, especially if you are new to this toy. Available in seven options, the manufacturer of this tool has ensured that you get bored with this set. It includes two curved plugs, a shorter anal plug, and dual double-ended toys.

Using this unit, the users can enjoy a great sort of activities like backdoor play, G-spot stimulation, etc. Despite providing such an extended pleasure, this butt plug doesn’t hit pocket & sold at a very affordable price. The company has provided a scientific design to this unit that let the users fall in the amazing ocean of love. Another reason to shop this toy is its smoother surface that gets cleaned with very minimal effort.


  • Crafted in a completely accurate design.
  • Available in seven different variants.
  • Extremely budget-friendly price.
  • Give a variety of stimulation options.


  • Chips get broke down after a certain time.
  • Not ideal if you like the larger size.

Acmeros Butt Plug Training Set (Best for Easier Insertion)

Acmeros Butt Plug Training Set (Best for Easier Insertion) Check Price

Many people stay pretty feared about the pain that results during insertion, and we understand this worry. For easing tensions of such individuals, our team has added this butt plug that helps novice & advanced users equally. It is available in three different sizes that ensure one can have the right size according to their skill level. There is a pretty solid suction force in this unit added by the brand so that the fun doesn’t get disturbed due to slippage.

It is a sweet sex toy designed for providing interesting sensations when added inside the anus. This brilliantly designed unit is made from brilliant phthalate & latex-free medical grade silicone material. Moreover, cleaning this toy isn’t a difficult task as all you need is a little bit of water & regular soap.


  • Give perfect orgasm with its powerful vibrator.
  • Get cleaned even using water.
  • Equipped with highly comfortable base.
  • It is delivered in a set of three different sizes.


  • Costly to shop when compared with others.
  • Only available in black color.

Utimi Anal Toy Vibrating Prostate Massager (Best Vibrating Butt Plug)

Utimi Anal Toy Vibrating Prostate Massager (Best Vibrating Butt Plug) Check Price

This cost-effective unit comes with a vibrating prostate massager that designed by Utimi brand for providing additional stimulation to the advanced users. There is a circled handle added for boosting the simplicity & utility. The availability of 10 distinct vibration modes can be very useful for giving pleasure that you want.

It is a rechargeable plug, but there will need to shop extra set of AAA Batteries for using its remote control. This unit also works normally for the convenience of the users without vibration mode. Furthermore, the ergonomic construction along with plump insertable bulb results in giving a solid level of anal pleasure. Both men, as well as women, can use this unit conveniently for greater freedom.


  • Give adequate P-spot stimulation.
  • Equipped with a variety of vibration modes.
  • Crafted in an ergonomic construction.
  • Made from odor-free & safe silicone material


  • Front & back motion need improvement.
  • Very loud vibrations.

Alona Magic Vibrating Remote Control Butt Plug (Best for Wild Stimulation)

Alona Magic Vibrating Remote Control Butt Plug (Best for Wild Stimulation) Check Price

This pick is added for individuals who have already reached an extreme level & looking for something wild for the upcoming session. It is crafted in a very large size with super shock feature having the ability to hit G-spot hardly. Unlike other butts, it can offer top-level stimulation that beginners may not be capable of adhering. There is extremely quiet vibrating motor added in the unit for making sure you can enjoy privately without noise.

It has an hand-free operation thanks to the solid flared suction cup. That’s not; there is no lack of amazing features in this unit as it comes with wireless remote control and simple one-button construction. Another mind-blowing thing about this product is its ten different settings that are nothing less than mind-blowing. Also, the presence of vibrating prostate massage allows the users even to have both testicle & anal sensation.


  • Very eco-friendly operation.
  • Create minimal noise during operation.
  • The choice to choose between 10 different settings.
  • One button construction.


  • Not ideal for beginners.
  • Complaints about breakage from accidental falls.

Lovetoy Large Butt Anal Plug (Best XXL size Butt Plug)

Lovetoy Large Butt Anal Plug (Best XXL size Butt Plug) Check Price

Do you prefer buying a butt plug crafted in an extremely large size? If yes, then go for this unit that available in a monstrous design for enjoying great length. It has a very large length that allows the plug to reach deeply for unbelievable stimulation. This nice & smoother model doesn’t create any odor allowing you to enjoy the top-level sensation. There is a pretty solid suction base will make you take it comfortably in the anus without use of hands.

Additionally, the manufacturer has added an extra girth making it comfortable for solo fun. If you want to make insertion easier, then we suggest using water lubricant as it will make things comfortable & convenient. This massive toy will take a little bit of extra effort, but the pleasure offered by this unit will be amazing.


  • Give mega-satisfaction.
  • Completely hands-free usage.
  • Ideal for advanced anal play.
  • Superbly designed plug.


  • Too painful for novice users.
  • The suction base need improvement.

YOS Poss Butt Plug Trainer Kit (Best Butt Training Set)

YOS Poss Butt Plug Trainer Kit (Best Butt Training Set) Check Price

This one is a complete package that made from Yos Poss brand using 100% silicone & anal-friendly material. It is an impressive training set having three anal plugs and each one having a different size. The beginners can start from the shorter model & then moves to the larger ones once reach an advanced level. The butt plug available in it has a curved base for a smoother and comfortable operation.

Each plugin this unit comes with a curved tip for easy slippage in the anus. On top of that, it is one of the best butt plugs that also equipped with T-bar base for making sure unwanted travel can be avoided. This flexible training set can be used for both men as well as a woman equally without too much problem. Overall, we can say that it is a perfect butt to shop without any second thought in mind.


  • Free from all types of chemical sensitivities.
  • Useful for people of all skills.
  • Extremely small & flexible base.
  • Minimizes unwanted travel.


  • Little bit unpleasant smell.
  • Very low durability.

Overfulfil Silicone Toy Massager (Best for Colorful Options)

Overfulfil Silicone Toy Massager (Best for Colorful Options) Check Price

The females stay pretty choosy about the colors, and things stay same for an anal plug. It is a well-designed toy from Overfulfil brand and available in many different colors like black, pink, red, and purple. All of them are considered pretty popular, especially among women. Other than awesome design work, this massage is very safe to use and offer a firm grip for a great sort of pleasure. Furthermore, there is nothing to worry about hygiene as the massage gets perfectly cleaned even with soapy water.

Using little bit water lubricant is recommended to use due to its large size that might make things difficult for inserting in a dry manner. It has a unique construction that is enough for spicing up things during a lovemaking session. Enjoy exciting sensations with this amazing & top-rated butt plug.


  • Give a great level of prostate stimulation.
  • Crafted in many different beautiful colors.
  • Provide a very firm grip.
  • Completely safe to use for hard use.


  • Durability needs improvement.

Malesation Waist Butt Plug Vibrating (Best Under $100)

Malesation Waist Butt Plug Vibrating (Best Under $100) Check Price

Do you want to shop a classic butt plug providing a versatile anal experience? We believe that you are looking for the same & that’s why our team has added this model having all such features. In fact, it is a perfect model for all types of anal lovers. Additionally, this one has great popularity among the gay community too. No matter you are looking to have some alone fun time or want to use it with friends, this butt plug won’t disappoint at all.

The distinct advantage offered by this plug is its 12 different vibration modes that you can control quite easily with remote control. Furthermore, the battery of this unit gets charged quickly using USB mode making sure one don’t have to change batteries so often. If you ask simply, then we will say this anal plug from Malesation brand is the excellent blend of form and function that will never disappoint in any manner.


  • Quick charge within three hours.
  • Impressive runtime of up to 55 minutes.
  • Amazing wireless remote control functioning.
  • Crafted in a highly ergonomic design.


  • Very costly option to shop.
  • Vibration modes create confusion.

Kink Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug (Best for Powerful Sensations)

Kink Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug (Best for Powerful Sensations) Check Price

This model from Kink brand can offer extremely terrific sensations that fetish lovers like to have for sure. The manufacturer has designed it by keeping the needs of experienced players of this game. It has a solid deep rumbling vibrating motor whose main job is to provide a spine-tingling sensation that is fun to experience.

There is 100% smoother & soft silicone used in this plug, so there is nothing to worry about the safety of the body. It is a non-allergic & phthalate-free butt plug that crafted in a contoured construction with brilliant manner. It equipped with 10 different vibration modes that can be changed with a simple touch button.


  • Perfect for extreme level sensations.
  • Easy to change vibration modes.
  • Made from safe material.
  • Get cleaned with minimum effort.


  • Too painful in the beginning.
  • Costs more when compared with the majority of products on the list.

Blush Spark Ignition (Best for Unique Design)

Blush Spark Ignition (Best for Unique Design) Check Price

Do you prefer shopping for things in a little bit different design? If yes, then probably you may find love in the Blush Spark Ignition butt plug. The manufacturer has crafted it in a beautiful black design that can attract anyone. It comes with a vibrating P-spot stimulator that created for providing intense orgasms to ensure memorable fun. There are many different ways to play this toy, thanks to the presence of three-in-one design.

Furthermore, the experience can be customized thanks to the availability of 10 vibration modes. The large bullet on this sex toy can be removed if not required by the users. There is full liberty to the users for using the plug with this bullet or even without it. No matter what will you choose, an amazing experience is guaranteed for sure.


  • Very durable butt plug.
  • It is designed for intense level orgasms.
  • Give customizable orgasmic sessions.
  • 100% safe & free from allergies.


  • Only available in the black color.
  • The length might be short for highly advanced users.

Diogol Anni Round T1 (Best Under $30)

Diogol Anni Round T1 (Best Under $30) Check Price

The list will end up this French-made butt plug that can add a perfect touch of luxury to the butt. It is a perfectly made unit having a beautifully round Swarovski crystal. With a weight of under 1.5 ounces, the Diogol Anni Round T1 is easier to carry anywhere according to needs. The use of solid aluminum material results in making cleaning very easier.

It is one of the best anal plugs in the market for experiencing surreal pleasure as well as powerful orgasms. The manufacturer has provided gem-like detailing on the handle section for providing an extra spark to boost stimulation level. Providing a great level of constant sensation is the main motive of this unit & they have succeeded in doing so.


  • Made from body-safe aluminum.
  • Give a stimulating pleasure.
  • Crafted in a very beautiful spade-like construction.
  • Very affordable to shop.


  • None at all.

Tracy’s Dog Male Vibrating Anal Butt Plug (Best Under $40)

Tracy’s Dog Male Vibrating Anal Butt Plug (Best Under $40) Check Price

If you want to end up shopping a high-quality butt lead without spending too much money, then please invest money in this excellent quality product. It is a high-quality butt plug that made from soft & medical grade silicone material. There is no bad odor created by this unit for ensuring your experience doesn’t get ruined at all. The presence of 10 vibrating modes gives liberty to the users for choosing the level of intensity they want.

This rechargeable sex toy is very easy to clean & crafted in a waterproof design for preventing defects result from moisture or any other liquid. It is -a completely sound-free unit that creates a noise of less than 50 dB that boosts privacy without disturbing others. It is backed by a one-month money-back guarantee along with 90 days exchange warranty in case of breakage.


  • Come with USB magnetic rechargeable operation.
  • It is backed by an 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • Completely odor-free construction.
  • Very sleek design.


  • Questions about its vibrating motor by some users.

How to Choose the Right Butt Plug?

Anal is one of the most amazing areas for experiencing stimulation & sensation in the body. However, the toys need to be selected carefully as it is a sensitive part of the body too. We have mentioned about things needs to keep in mind while selecting the perfect butt plugin detail below:

Size: The most important thing to consider here is the size as it should fit in the hole of the anus. The fun will get greatly spoiled if the plug you bought is too large or too small. As a beginner, it is ideal to go for sizes between 0.75” & 1.25”, whereas anything further it will be perfect for advanced users.

Material: There are many different materials used for crafting butt plug that range from glass to silicone, rubber, and wood, among others. If you ask our experts, then it is best to go for the ones that made using silicone due to softness & ease of cleaning. Other than that, the second option is to use rubber thanks to its smoother surface. Avoid buying ones that made from plastic, wood, or any other similar material.

Construction: The butt plugs are available in many different types of designs for providing extra choice to the buyers. This feature depends on what personal preferences shoppers have. We suggest you go for the one about which you always fantasies.

Ease of clean: If you use a butt plug, then it is obvious that there will be a need for cleaning after use. The one that you are going to shop shouldn’t be too difficult to clean. You should be able to do this job easily using water & soap.

How to Use Butt Plugs for Ultimate Sensation?

We understand that many of our readers would have been looking to use the butt plug for the first time. Are you one of them and want to give the best experience to your booty? We believe that you are worried about what will happen if something went wrong. For eliminating your worries, our team is going to explain the way butt plugs can be used properly.

#1. Never go straight to put the butt plug in the ass. Instead, enjoy a little bit foreplay & get yourself comfortable with other oral activities for turning your body and let it crave stimulation.

#2. In the next step, we suggest you should try a thing that is smaller than the butt plug you are using. Ask your partner to lube finger & put it in your booty. If you are alone, then you have to do it yourself.

#3. Once your ass becomes comfortable, lube the butt plug & try to slide it slowly. The best position to do so is bending a little bit as insertion becomes easier with it.

#4. Try to relax after putting the butt plug inside the booty. In fact, the main motive of anal play is to have a high level of relaxation. Please avoid doing any experiments during your first time as it can end up ruining a memorable experience.

#5. After finishing the enjoyment session, it is important to remove the butt plug. To do so, we suggest you pulling it out at a slow pace while having steady breaths. The removal becomes very easier if orgasm happens as it relaxes the pelvic floor of the ass.

Is the Cleaning Butt Plug Necessary After Use?

Cleaning is a very important thing that should be performed once play with the butt plug gets completed. If you avoid doing so, then it will become home of bacteria that can further be transmitted to other parts of the body & causes infection.

For staying away from such conditions, we suggest proper cleaning of your anal plug as well as hands using soap & water. It will make sure you can enjoy terrific sessions of anal play without any infection.


So, which one comes in your mind after reading this complete post! There is a great level of stimulation provided by the use of the best butt plug that everyone should experience at least once. Do you still have a query in mind? If yes, then please write it in the comment section.

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