Best Male Masturbators for 2021 – Complete Reviews & Buying Guide

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A male masturbator is a wonderful toy that can fulfill all your sexual pleasure and fantasies that you might be having irrespective you are single or in a long-distance relationship.

Besides this, it can also come quite handy for stimulating yourself or getting back the stamina that you might be lacking.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best male masturbators that you can purchase in 2021 + Buying guide such that you can bring home the right product.

So, without further ado, let us have a look at the products: –

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Petite

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Petite Check Price

This is undoubtedly one of the best male masturbators that are available on our list. The toy features a smooth skin and defined musculature which feels like a real thing.

Besides this, it comes with a superbly detailed clitoris, inner anus, and labia as well as perfectly-casted vagina having juicy lips.

This toy would give you girlfriend or wife like experience and therefore you would never feel sexually deprived and alone in life. Hence, all your fantasies can be fulfilled with this realistic sex doll.

The best part is that you are sure to get the best orgasm as it has a delightfully tight vagina which leads to a textured canal.


  • Available in a very big size.
  • Features extra intense texture.
  • Tight enough to get the job done efficiently.


  • It takes a bit of time to clean.

Masturbator Sex Doll for Men

Masturbator Sex Doll for Men Check Price


Enjoy the sexual bliss in the best possible way with this Masturbator sex doll for men.

With this doll, you can get the best pleasure and fulfillment for all the sexual needs that you might be having.

The vagina hole of this sex doll looks quite seductive and the interiors are made using silicone materials which features a very soft texture.

It would give you the feeling of a real vagina as it is fully silky and ecological having irregular curves and convex inner particles.

The best part is that the doll is quite tight, firm and handy and it will give you a very pleasurable and natural feeling when you will touch it. Also, this product can be used for hundreds of times without getting torn and thus it is quite durable and flexible.


  • It feels super soft and real.
  • Gives you complete value for money.
  • Quite stable to use.


  • Need to use lubricant as the holes are very tight.

Male Power Suck Vibrating Oral Electric Pump

Male Power Suck Vibrating Oral Electric Pump Check Price

If you are bored with your partner or you are single for a long time, then this male masturbator cup can be a savior for you. All you need to do is press the button and you will feel the essence like vagina licking your glans.

Furthermore, it offers a realistic shape and a compact passage that is sure to give a sensual touch.

The best part is that it comes with a superb vibration function that gives a feeling of a real blow job. It is also very portable and easy to carry whenever you travel.

It can also fit quite perfectly in hand and it is waterproof. Therefore, you can use it during baths and showers.


  • The suction vibrator is quite amazing.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It is quite portable.


  • The instruction manual is not present.

Fleshlight Original Pink Lady

Fleshlight Original Pink Lady Check Price

This sex toy from Fleshlight is quite long-lasting and it can even last for a lifetime if proper care is taken for the same. Besides this, it is also quite easy to clean and use which makes it one of the best male masturbators.

It also has a very strong suction that can give you a very hard orgasm. Additionally, you can loosen or tighten the special End-cap to control the suction for the added realism.

Furthermore, it is packed in a flashlight style case which makes it quite discreet and easy to carry. Therefore, you can dry, rinse and store it wherever you would want. It can also be hidden easily if required.

The best part is that it is made using Super skin material that is quite soft and you will experience all the sexual feeling.


  • Offers great value for money.
  • It gives you a super tight feeling.
  • Simple clean up process is required.


  • Groves or textures are not present.

WeDol Male Masturbator

WeDol Male Masturbator Check Price

Whether you are in a relationship or single, Wedol Male Masturbator would become your masturbation partner.

So, if you are single, then this masturbator cup can come to your aid by giving you the sexual pleasure and fulfilling your loneliness. On the contrary, if you are in a relationship, then with the help of this masturbator you can have sex when your partner doesn’t wish to indulge.

This product comes up with strong thrusting and it is intensely powerful. Additionally, it also offers a soft and tight insert to enhance the stimulation process.

Some of the features of this product are de-mountable design, USB rechargeable, strong suction cup, easy to use buttons and 6 powerful thrusting speeds.


  • It is fully automatic.
  • Multiple thrusting levels are present.
  • It is USB rechargeable.


  • The size is a bit small.

Y-NOT 3D Lifesize Ass Butt Sex Doll

Y-NOT 3D Lifesize Ass Butt Sex Doll Check Price

Are you burdened with too much work or you have no partner to make out? If, yes, then this sex doll is tailor-made for you. It comes with magical private parts that can fulfill all the sexual needs that you might be having.

This product comes with a 2-Hole design which is super realistic and quite comfortable to use. Additionally, it is waterproof and quite easy to clean.

It also features a hole warmer alongside a USB cord using which you can warm the private parts of the doll.

The best part is that it is manufactured using real-feel flesh material that can give you a feel like human skin.

It is also FDA approved and shipping of this product is done discreetly.


  • It features a USB hole warmer.
  • Shipping of this product is quite discreet.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It is a bit heavy in size.

WeDol Male Masturbator Cup Fully Automatic

WeDol Male Masturbator Cup Fully Automatic Check Price

This male masturbator from Wedol comes with a very strong motor having 10 thrilling speeds and 10 telescopic modes to select from.

Therefore, it allows you to experiment with several pleasure combinations every time you make use of this product.

Also, with multiple stimulation, you can have unlimited pleasure and enjoy deep sucking.

Besides this, it also comes with a built-in vibration egg that can help to stimulate your glans.

Some of the other features of this product include a removable sleeve for easy cleaning, realistic sleeve with slight suction and magnetic USB rechargeable system.


  • High-quality product.
  • It is hands-free and easy to use.
  • It comes with a fully automatic system.


  • It is an average size product.

Onyx 2 by Kiiro

Onyx 2 by Kiiro Check Price

The Onyx 2 by Kiiroo is another hands-free and automated male masturbator that is quite trending in the market these days.

This product is known for producing a top-class sexual sensation that you may not have witnessed before. It comes with 10 contracting rings that give a stroking sensation and therefore you are going to enjoy it.

It is also quite lightweight and discreet and indeed quite powerful. Besides this, it can provide 140 strokes per minute to give a sensory experience.

The best part is that it is a powerful stamina trainer and it can therefore upon a world of possibilities for you.


  • It is fully automated and it can reach 140 strokes in a minute.
  • It is interactivity focused on having a great VR selection.
  • It is lightweight.


  • It is a bit difficult to clean.

Kiiroo Titan

Kiiroo Titan Check Price

If you want to take your masturbation game to the next level, then kiiroo Titan is ideal for you.

It is a compact and cute pleasure device for men and it is bundled with a lot of exciting features. Furthermore, it comes with 9-motor interface having a different range of vibrating sensations.

Furthermore, it makes use of teledildonic technology using which you can connect with your smartphone as well as with a partner’s Kiiroo for a long-distance play.

Adding to it, it comes with “real feel “ that gives similar sensation as an actual human skin. This product is also equipped with 7 distinct patterns and speeds and thus you are going to get complete value for money.


  • It is a USB rechargeable.
  • It is made using skin-safe materials.
  • It comes with a 1- year of warranty.


  • It is not waterproof.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Pink Lady

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Pink Lady Check Price

With this product from Fleshlight, you can train to last longer during sexual intercourse. Additionally, if you wish to last longer in bed, then practice is necessary.

This product is a very good sex toy for men that has been designed specifically to provide a similar experience of sexual intercourse. Also, it will help you to peak out the sexual performance as well as find your rhythm.

It also comes with Real feel skin and an inner canal texture that can provide you with the most pleasurable and intense training experience.

Adding to it, this sex toy from Fleshlight can easily reach 180 strokes per minute and it is equipped with automatic operation. Additionally, these strokes can be synchronized with virtual reality porn, adult gaming as well as interactive porn videos for added fun.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It comes in a discreet design and therefore it can be easily hidden.


  • Not ideal for all the penis sizes.

Buying Guide – Best Male Masturbator to Purchase

The male masturbator has become quite popular in the last couple of decades. They are ergonomic, user-friendly and at the same time, you will never feel deprived of your partner.

But, purchasing the right male masturbator boils down to selecting the right product and there are certain factors you need to consider before you purchase one.

In the guide, we will cover everything about the male masturbator, different types and the factors you should keep in mind before purchasing the right product.

Let’s waste no more time and perhaps jump into this guide.

What is a Male Masturbator?

A male masturbator is a sex toy tailor-made for man that helps to simplify the process of masturbation as well as helps to increase the stimulation.

The male masturbator is also a great way through which you can release the stress and also train the muscles to last longer during sexual intercourse. Therefore, it comes quite handy in boosting your self-confidence.

How Can We Use Male Masturbator?

Using a male masturbator may seem to be easy, but there are a lot of things that need to be put in place for getting a pleasurable experience. So, here are some of the tips that can help you to get the best out of a male masturbator.

  • Use adequate water-based Lube

If you are looking to increase the sensation during the masturbation process, then you must use high- quality water-based lube.

Water-based lube is more into trend because they don’t degrade the material of the masturbator as compared to water-based or silicon-based options.

So, make sure that an adequate amount of lube is used on the opening of male toys as well as your penis.

  • Ease out the way into the male masturbator

In general, a lot of the masturbators these days have a tight circular entrance. When you will first see it, then you may feel that it is way too small for your penis size.

But, the fact is, that the material is made in such a way that it can easily accommodate any size of the penis.

So, you need to lube up the masturbator as well as the tip of your penis and then slowly ease your way.

  • Have fun while doing experiments

Most of the masturbators that are available in the market are made using soft materials and thus you can regulate the pressure and grip quite easily.

On the contrary, Motorized masturbators come up with an adjustable cap that can regulate the suction and pressure.

So, it is advised that you experiment with the different suction strengths and pressure such that your penis is accustomed to different kinds of environment.

What are the factors that you need to consider before purchasing the best male masturbator?

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before you purchase the best male masturbator. Let us have a look:

Brand name: The male masturbator brand plays a very major role in its longevity and durability. Hence, it is always advised that you opt for a renowned company as compared to a starter company. Look at the online reviews and then finalize the decision as they are very delicate products.

The material: The material with which the masturbator is made plays a very important role as it determines how safe it is going to be on your skin and how much you are going to enjoy the stimulations.

If you have the budget, then always prefer purchasing products having body-safe materials such as TPE, Silicone or Polycarbonate.

Also, these kinds of materials are easy to maintain and at the same time quite durable.

Color: Many people neglect the masturbator color but it is something that you should check out before purchasing a product.

You can purchase a masturbator that matches with your fav color or matches with the rest of the sex toy that you might be having.

In this way, it can become more appealing and indeed turn you on in different occasions.

Budget: It is not necessary at all that the most expensive masturbator that you will purchase will get the job done for you. However, you should also not get trapped by buying a cheap product that doesn’t even last for a few days.

So, do proper research according to your budget and you should always remember that you will get the product accordingly to the price that you would pay.

Size: Similar to any other product, male masturbator comes in three sizes i.e. small, medium and large.

So, based on your penis size and experience, you can select different kinds of masturbators.

For example, if you are new into all these, then we would prefer you to purchase smaller size and later on when you have the experience, you can move to a larger size.

What are The Different Types of Male Masturbators?

There are different types of male masturbators available in the market. Some of them has been mentioned down below:-

Pocket pussies: It is a discreet kind of male masturbator that is designed in a unique way which mimics the female vagina. In general, they are elastic, realistic and finely textured to give you the best sensual sensations.

Fleshlights: Fleshlights are very portable and they mimic a human’s mouth, vagina or ass. They are manufactured using realistic materials such as TPE or silicone and come up with patented texture and designs to produce thundering orgasms.

Pocket ass masturbators: If you love having anal sex, then pocket ass masturbators are perfect for you. They mimic anal opening of human and in general has a tight opening to give you the best possible experience.

Prostate massagers: Prostate massagers specifically serve the purpose of stimulating the male prostate gland such that intense orgasm is achieved.

This kind of masturbators can be used for both couple and solo play such that undiscovered pleasures are explored.

The masturbator comes with a subtle shaft which helps in targeting the prostate gland and its stimulation helps in having an erection.

Sex dolls: If you are looking for an alternative to women for making out, then sex dolls are ideal for you due to its unquestionable submission, ultra-realistic features and several benefits that it provides.

Besides this, you can also enjoy anal penetration, blow jobs and vaginal sex with these dolls. The best part is that Sex dolls can be used for both solo as well as couple play such that the experience is spiced up.

Besides this, sex dolls also come quite handy for individuals who have lost their loved one or they are unable to fulfill their sexual needs. It is also one of the perfect gifts that you can give to your partner.

Blow job masturbators: Blow job masturbators give you realistic blowjobs experience and it can be used for both solo and couple play to enhance the experience.

Vibrating masturbators: These masturbators come with vibrating motors and they give you a feeling of realistic mouth, vagina or ass. They can be used for both couple or solo play to enhance your stamina and to take your sexual sensations to the next level.

Maintenance Tips That You Need to Keep in Mind for Male Masturbators?

If proper maintenance is done for the masturbator, then the aesthetic appeal, as well as the durability, can be improved. Here are some of the best maintenance tips that you can follow:-

  • Cleaning the Masturbator after use

Once you are done with the Masturbator, then the first thing that you need to do is to clean it such that longevity and appearance are enhanced.

You can wash it using lukewarm water and sex toy cleaner such that the sweat and the body fluids are removed. Besides this, avoid using a dishwasher’s soap as the color and fragrance may irritate your skin.

  • Regular inspection should be done for damage

You should make sure that the masturbator is inspected regularly after a certain interval for time. Cracked and chipped masturbators can cause severe harm to your body and therefore inspection is necessary.

Besides this, a damaged masturbator can also lead to bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.

  • Store the male masturbation toy in the right place

Once you have cleaned the masturbator, then the next thing that you need to do is store it in a cool, clean and dry place. In this way, you can easily access the sex toy whenever you will need it and therefore the longevity can be increased.

  • Motorized Masturbators should never be submerged in water

If you are having a motorized masturbator, then make sure that you avoid using it in a bathtub or the shower. Furthermore, always go through the user manual to figure out if the product is bath friendly.

  • Water-based lube should be strictly used

Water-based lube should be used strictly as oil-based and silicone-based lube are known to degrade the latex and break down the material of the masturbator.

Hence, water-based lube should be used as they are both latex as well as silicone friendly.

FAQs – Best male masturbators

Q ) Will male masturbator desensitize my penis?

It is known that excess masturbation or sex can lead to wellness and health problems such as erectile dysfunction or penile desensitization. Besides this, it can also be harmful to men who are overusing the devices.

Q) What do I need to do if my toy breaks or malfunctions?

The first thing that you need to do if your toy breaks or malfunctions is to stop using it. Further, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Q) How do I properly maintain the sex toy?

Once you purchase the product, then you will find a quick setup guide alongside the product that will help you to maintain and properly clean your device. Make sure that you go through the instructions properly before using the product.

Q) Can I get hurt by the male masturbation device?

If the product is broken or damaged, then it can cause some problem. So, you need to inspect your product after a certain time to check if it is damaged especially the electronic product.

Q) Do male masturbator really feel realistic?

Yes, male masturbator really gives the realistic feeling especially the one which is labeled by the manufacturer.


Purchasing the right male masturbation product is one of the best possible ways through which you can enjoy the orgasms as well as improve your stamina and performance.

Also, they fulfill dual purposes such as solo and couple play.

All the products that we have mentioned above are easy to maintain, durable, body-safe and hygienic. Also, each of them justifies their respective price tags and therefore you can get the best product according to your choice.

It is also advised that you go through the buying guide such that you can make an informed decision. We hope the product reviews written above can help you in purchasing the right product. For any queries, reach out to us in the comment box below.

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