Best Sex Swings – Complete Reviews & Buying Tips 2020

| By Linda

Romance is a pure activity that gives lots of pleasure to both soul and body. There is also a need to maintain excitement in it for making sure a couple never get bored with each other. One of the major amazing things for spicing up things is the addition of best sex swings that bring out new positions to the bedroom. It is the perfect ways for bringing a hot sensual lovemaking action in the erotic sessions.

Apart from bringing new methods to bring something new, it also makes things adventurous and memorable. It is the most suitable way to add passion in the life of the couple who are tired of old styles in the bedroom.

The incredible flexibility and suspension offered by this sex toy can transform any basic session into an incredible one. In this post, we are going to tell you about the top 13 best sex swings in 2020 for ensuring that you end up buying the model matching needs perfectly. Let’s start the list now!

Strict Extreme Sling and Swing Stand (Editor’s Choice)

Strict Extreme Sling and Swing Stand (Editor’s Choice) Check Price

Without any doubt, this one is the most incredible swing you can find in any part of the world. There is an extra stand added in this unit along with sling to add extra stimulation in the erotic sessions. It is easy to assemble a model from Strict brand that can effectively hold up to 400 pounds with ease.

It is delivered with a great set of accessories like clips, chains, and set-up tools making sure you don’t have to buy anything separately. If you are up for kinky sex and want to strike your mood, then we believe it is the most amazing unit to buy. The presence of an incredible stand ensures no damage occurs to the walls and doors in any manner.


  • Crafted in a highly adjustable design.
  • Solid weight limit of 400 lbs.
  • Very easy to store discreetly.
  • Integrated rings for convenient attaching.


  • Costly option to shop.
  • Take extra space than normal sex swing.

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series (Runners Up)

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series (Runners Up) Check Price

If you are looking for a 360° spin that allows you to move freely during the erotic plays, then this sex swing is all you need to shop without researching anything further. There is solid freedom offered by this sex swing to the submissive lovers. The partner can enjoy complete control & swing in any direction they want.

The availability of foot straps provided additional stability that can allow you to do wonders in sexual intercourse. Made from imported plastic, this Pipedream model comes with incredible features like top-grade steel eyelet bold & link chain along metal support bar for extra convenience. Despite having a rich-set of accessories, the price of this sex swing is quite affordable & fits in the budget perfectly.


  • Give liberty to try unlimited positions.
  • Capable of getting adjusted to any height or angle.
  • Extremely comfortable to use.
  • Available at a budget-friendly price.


  • Very average hardware.
  • Weight limit needs improvement.

Trinity Vibes Spinning Sex Swing (Best for Easy Installation)

Trinity Vibes Spinning Sex Swing (Best for Easy Installation) Check Price

Many buyers prefer buying things that get installed pretty quickly with minimum effort, and we have added this one for those individuals. Engaging in action with this best sex swing is pretty enjoyable thanks to different positions that you can try with the partner. The main purpose of this sex toy is to spice up lovemaking sessions, and you will see this unit fulfill it quite wonderfully.

There is a torque bar added in this product giving extra support for making lovemaking sessions wild. This product is available in two different variants, one with stand and another version only with the swing. The presence of padded support making sure things stays convenient for butt, thighs, and calves. For making things pretty easier, the company provide installation instruction manual that even a beginner can understand.


  • Equipped with wide nylon straps for perfect adjustment.
  • Provide endless possibilities.
  • Very easy to install with minimal tools.
  • Manufactured by a reputed brand.



  • Complaints about swivel breakage.
  • Takes a little bit extra space.

Olly and Ally Real Black Mens Sex Sling (Best Mountable Sex Swing)

Olly and Ally Real Black Mens Sex Sling (Best Mountable Sex Swing) Check Price

Are you one of those people who work consistently to spice up things by adding new toys? If yes, then you should add this sex sling that made using 100% real leather material allowing it to last for many years. The biggest highlight attracting customers towards this unit is it’s leather stirrups set & top-grade steel D-rings for easier suspension. It is available in three different colors, including black, black with red piping, and black with blue piping.

The total capacity of this swing is nearly 130 KG that allows it to prevent breakage perfectly. You can either mount or suspend it according to your needs without much worry. This portable sex swing is available to buy at an affordable price making sure it doesn’t put too much pressure on the pocket.


  • Available in three beautiful variants.
  • High capacity of up to 130 KG.
  • Made using top-grade leather material
  • Dual setting options.


  • Bolds & chains need to be shopped separately.
  • Poor stitching might be an issue.

Sexbaby Adult Sex Swing Bondage Love Swing (Best for Bedroom Flirting)

Sexbaby Adult Sex Swing Bondage Love Swing (Best for Bedroom Flirting) Check Price

The buyers looking to turn their bedroom into a flirty place can go for this sex swing from Sexbaby brand. It gets set up in less than 10 minutes and strongly capable of extending the prolong the sexual sessions to a greater level. It is available in three different variants, named golden leopard, red, and silver leopard for providing extra choice. 360 degrees spinning is offered by this sex swing allowing you to try any position according to the requirements.

We can say it is a comfortable product that will let you turn imagination beyond the imagination and exceeding physical limits. The manufacturer has added excellent soft liner on its ergonomic design for easing the adjusting process. To sum up, it is a quality unit for boosting desires to try different postures.


  • Come with incredible tensile strength.
  • Give liberty to try different postures.
  • Crafted in very amazing ergonomic design.
  • Easy to adjust positions.


  • Padded straps tore off after some use.
  • Narrow backrest might be an issue.

Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand (Best Under $250)

Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand (Best Under $250) Check Price

Equipped with a solid line of swings, this unit from Trinity Vibes brand is capable of accommodating up to 400 lbs. with ease. There is complete freedom of movement offered by this steel structure that crafted in a freestanding design. The presence of integrated rings can also accommodate a sling perfectly. It is simple to use unit that gets assembled in less than 10 minutes.

Furthermore, the disassembling process is quite easy for very discreet storage when not in use. The variety of positions that you can enjoy is pretty great and capable to swing things conveniently. The complete freedom of movement is the main benefit of this unit that doesn’t offer by too many sex swings in the market.


  • Padded support for extra comfort.
  • Solid weight limits up to 400 lbs.
  • Equipped with high-quality stand.
  • Easy to understand the assembly process.


  • Very costly to shop.
  • Only available in a single color.

Sexbaby Adult Sex Swing Bondage (best Bang for Buck Pick)

Sexbaby Adult Sex Swing Bondage (best Bang for Buck Pick) Check Price

If your motive is to utilize the money at its best level, then we suggest buying this complete set that comes with a great set of features and sold at a very affordable price. The buyers can get a complete set of accessories with this unit that include triangle frame, ceiling anchors, and swing belts. The swings are made using high-quality material that offer a great sort of tensile strength to the play.

The presence of top-notch soft liner available on the ergonomic construction of this unit lets the users enjoy different postures. On top of that, it is one of the best sex swings in terms of durability with a weight limit of up to 450 pounds. Overall,  we can say that this unit can give a great time to the couples looking to revamp things on the bed.


  • Made using same material as used in parachutes.
  • Perfect for enjoying unique actions.
  • Come with a great set of accessories.
  • Come with highly durable nylon straps.


  • Doesn’t come with the instruction manual.
  • Creates difficulties for taller individuals.

Jutjoy Adult Indoor Sex Swing (Best for Weight Limit)

Jutjoy Adult Indoor Sex Swing (Best for Weight Limit) Check Price

The couples who want to level up their romantic sessions & want to give a boost in love can go for this Jutjoy sex swing that made using top-grade nylon material. It gives stronger freedom & excitement that one can only imagine in adult movies. There are durable nylon straps added in this sex swing that can effectively accommodate up to 500 pounds of weight. The presence of padded restraints boosts the comfort to a different level.

Jutboy is a well-known brand that sells this unit in discreet packaging with a lifetime guarantee. The quality is up to the mark & let you enjoy sexual fantasies with complete peace of mind. The positions that you can try with this product are endless & there is a full possibility you will love its performance.


  • Liberty to try exciting positions.
  • Deliver with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.
  • Equipped with high-quality nylon straps.
  • Available at an affordable price.


  • A little bit uncomfortable for bulky people.
  • Short length straps might be a problem.

Kindfy Indoor Swing Set (Best for Ductility)

Kindfy Indoor Swing Set (Best for Ductility) Check Price

If ductility is your main concern while shopping a sex swing, then this durable & strong sex swing needs attention in every manner. It is crafted by Kindfy brand for providing a safe environment to the erotic lovers. There is a latex elastic band added by the manufacturer for providing up & down effect to the sexual experience. It is perfect for high ceilings that come with stainless steel chain giving full value to the buyers. Furthermore, the presence of extra-large waistcoat ensures that your lover stays in safe hands.

The material used for making this sex swing is nylon that crafted in beautiful black design. Another amazing thing about this swing is large & wide double cushion that manufactured using a top-grade sponge for providing extra durability. Trust us, this one is a magnificent option for enjoying fun couple fun together.


  • Crafted using extremely high-quality nylon.
  • Large waistcoat for proper safety.
  • Provide perfect ductility to the body.
  • Sold at an affordable price range.


  • Weight limit of only 220 pounds.
  • Takes a little bit extra time for assembling.

Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand ( Best Under $300)

Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand ( Best Under $300) Check Price

This perfectly made swing stand is a perfect option for transforming your bedroom into a bondage playground in minimal effort. Drilling all holes of your lady partner will be an incredible feeling to experience with this stand. It is a top-quality tubular steel frame providing a great sort of stability as well as freedom of movement. You are free to explore many different positions that one can only think in dreams.

Setting up this sex swing doesn’t need any additional tool and can be performed quite convenient. The sturdy frame come with integrated bondage loops that allow the users to connect bondage restraints and ties for developing many new bondage scenarios. If you are looking to transform an ordinary environment into a pleasure world, then go for this unit now.


  • Maintain balance perfectly.
  • Compatible with other sex toys.
  • Too-less assembly process.
  • Give full freedom of movement.


  • Might be costly for some buyers.
  • Pretty bulky construction.

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Bondage Swing (Best for Bondage Fun)

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series Bondage Swing (Best for Bondage Fun) Check Price

The couples who are a fan of bondage love can think about shopping this swing now. It is an impressive model that sold by Pipedream brand having durable metal D-rings allowing even the beginners to use swing quickly. It is the best sex toy that can be adjusted to any height or angle quite conveniently. The beautiful white design of this unit can make anyone’s mood romantic.

Explore the deepest fantasies of your life in the presence of this perfectly designed sex swing. There is no need to worry about the uncomfortable positions as it doesn’t interfere with arousal at all. It is an extraordinary swing that comes with integrated D-rings for connecting with ankle & wrist cuffs.


  • Work equally for people of all sizes.
  • Get adjusted to any angle of choice.
  • Create amazing bondage swing.
  • Easy to use for beginners.


  • Very thin padding.
  • Costly than the majority of swings in the market.

Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Set (Best Budget-friendly Pick)

Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Set (Best Budget-friendly Pick) Check Price

This pick is added for individuals who want to make a smart pick at an affordable price. Although it is a yoga swing but works perfectly as a sex swing thanks to its solid durability and structure. You can buy it in many beautiful colors like black, coral, blue, green, yellow, and purple. There are many different installation options provided by this set ensuring that buyers can have their comfort level.

In addition to enjoying romantic activities, this swing set works perfectly for yoga sessions. Despite offering an immense amount of benefits, this yoga set doesn’t hurt the buyer’s pockets and available at a very affordable price. The material used for manufacturing this swing is top-grade silk nylon fabric that is strong enough to hold up to 600 pounds. It is a strongly suggested swing set for couples who want quality pick at an affordable price.


  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Made using high-quality silk nylon fabric.
  • Very cheaply priced unit.
  • Capable of holding up to 600 pounds.


  • Not a special purpose sex swing.

Utimi Sex Swing (Best Door Sex Swing)

Utimi Sex Swing (Best Door Sex Swing) Check Price

The next one is this cleaver sex swing that gets attached to the door for making sure things can go beyond imagination. It is easy to set up a device that comes with metal stoppers for holding the swing at a place. In fact, the people who love missionary position should go for this model without further checking. Another positive thing about this product is its low price that doesn’t hit the pocket hard at all. The thrilling stimulation offered by this swing can boost your sensations to a different level.

The company has made it for individuals who love playing SM games. The variety of sexual postures available to enjoy using this model is endless. When it comes to durability, the buyers don’t have to worry as the company has used thickened material. On top of that, the super-knitted nylon used in making this unit is completely non-toxic and safe to use. Also, the price is quite affordable & fits anyone’s budget perfectly.


  • Pretty delicate artistry.
  • Give liberty to try many different SM games.
  • Environmental-friendly & non-toxic material.
  • Very budget-friendly unit.


  • Average quality straps.
  • Not good for full swing position.

Tips for Selecting the Best Sex Swing

There is a great variety of options available in the market when it comes to the selection of sex swing. We have made a list of things that needed to check while deciding below in detail:

Setup: The main thing that you need to check is the setup of the sex swing you are shopping & where you are going to set it. Many will prefer to install it on the ceiling, whereas the others will choose the doors. No matter which one you choose, it is important that the sex swing you are buying should be compatible with the system.

 Weight Limit: A common mistake made by couples while buying the sex swing is not taking weight limit seriously. However, we suggest our readers don’t perform this mistake as it can result in injury. Always check out the weight limit of sex swing and make sure it is more than the weight of the user.

Budget: This point isn’t the favorite one of the buyers, but we believe it is important to talk about as the quality of sex swings depend on it. This sex toy is available at a price for as low as US$ 50 & surpasses US$ 600. However, you need to think about the budget seriously & choose the model that fits in your pocket.

Comfort Level: The comfort is a vital part that affects the quality of romantic sessions for sure. Check the width & size of the sex swing carefully for making sure it can hold up your body conveniently. If the dimensions fit with your body, then choose the unit calmly.

Adjustability: As we all know, the main motive to shop a sex swing is trying new positions. However, it can only become possible if there is adjustability feature in the model you shop. Moreover, there is also a possibility that some may use it with multiple partners. In that case, please make sure that the swing gets adjusted with a little bit of effort.


The idea of the sex swing is very romantic due to the endless possibilities available in it. It is a perfect addition to bedroom sex toy if you are up to spice up things for a long time. Many couples get bored from regular sex & wish to ad sensuality in their lovemaking sessions. This unit can transform their fantasy into a reality without any further wait.

However, you need to shop this unit appropriately just like any other sex toy available in the market. The reason behind that is it affects your pleasure quality as well as safety as no one will prefer a partner to get hurt. Our team has only added the best sex swings in this post that can please your partner & allow you to perform a variety of positions. We believe that you end up having a thrilling session after buying the model that matches your needs. Happy romance!

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